29: A Night in Sickbay – Star Trek Enterprise Season 2, Episode 5

Matt and Sean talk about needing a night to recover after this episode (also, the fake beagle did recover).

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Hey, everybody welcome to trek in time the podcast that takes a look at star trek in order and in history what we’re doing is taking a look at each episode of star trek in chronological order and we’re also taking a look at how things were in the world. At the time of the original broadcast now you’re wondering whose eyes are doing this looking and whose mouths are doing this talking. It’s me sean ferrell I’m a writer I write some sci-fi I write books for kids as well and with me is my brother Matthew. He’s the guru and inquisitor behind the Youtube channel undecided with Matt farrell which takes a look at emerging tech and its impact on our lives how you doing Matt I’m doing all right in preparation for the end of this year
Pretty good. How about you.
Year of our lord twenty twenty one may it rest in peace we will be taking a break next week so this is our last episode of this year and
After the break we’ll return in the first week of january twenty twenty two hopefully with an episode spoiler alert hopefully with an episode that’s better than this 1 Yeah, there’s a quick look behind the curtain quick look.
Oh oh I take it Sean did not like this episode.
Behind the curtain. Yeah, we are gonna be talking about a night in sick bay this is from star trek enterprise season 2 episode 5 and before we get into that Matt do you have some things you want to share.
Sure from the episode deadstop. There was a comment from amaniac as so often in Trek. It’s always finding ah how reality made some trek concepts and tech nearly obsolete already with a computing power of 2021 cell phones in mind.
From our previous episodes.
No engineer of the twenty third century would assume that this station needs a huge computer and the thought of a human brain being superior to computers is also something that doesn’t hold up hold projecting technology even 50 years into the future also finding to see archer watching water polo on his small lcd screen in some episodes.
Um, yeah.
I love this because I agree completely. There’s aspects of the tech that are so dated that it’s like it makes the show look really old and antiquated. But 1 thing I will bring out somebody actually tweeted at me this week that researchers have discovered that human brain cells. That are integrated in basically like a little cyborg petri dish are better at learning than computers are than artificial intelligence and they they taught these brain cells how to play pong and it learned how to play pong much faster. Then the ai did but the ai at the end was actually better at playing pong than the human brain cells and when I saw this article it both amazed and horrified me because I thought here comes the borg. Ah so there was that. Ah.
Here comes the borg. Yes, yeah, so the borg in this context would would say something along the lines of you will learn to return serve.
Exactly hit the ball. Um, the other comment was from Makeo this episode has everything that makes star trek great exploration, Mystery science and a sense of ah perseverance in the face of danger the acting by john billingsley is fantastic. You can see the subtleties even through the breaststhetics. Wanted to bring that 1 up because I always want more doctor I don’t care what the episode is more doctor please he is my favorite character on the show. His acting is always amazing. He has such subtlety to his performance that just through his eyes. You can tell exactly what he’s wrestling with and struggling with. So he he’s a very empathetic character. You can really kind of go along with him with whatever’s going on and he’s he’s just funny. He’s really funny.
I agree with that? Yeah I agree with all of that and I I think that all of that is on display in this episode that we’re about to talk about as I mentioned this episode is a night in sick bay matt you want to give us the synopsis.
Yes, yes.
This is a synopsis that was not available on wikipedia so I wrote this 1 myself maccohead.
Okay, okay, so remember everybody Sean is an I published author who has written science fiction novels. So from his pen archer is dumb and as a result his dog almost dies.
I Tried to keep it I tried to keep it succinct.
Ah, yes I I don’t know if that’s how I would have written it. But I trust you because you’re the published author. Ah.
So this episode was written by Berman and braga and I think I have noticed a trend that when Berman and braga are closely aligned with the writing of an episode the episode tends not to be as strong as those around it.
Yes I agree.
It’s unfortunate because here we are at the end of a four episode cycle the last 2 episodes in particular really being extremely strong and tied into each other in a way that almost makes it a 2 wo-parter with but crafted in a way that didn’t require 2 wo-parter viewing and with elements that allowed character development to really shine in the midst of very compelling and exciting plot and I for myself. Found this episode to be like somebody pulling the handbrake on a fast-moving vehicle. Ironically when this aired on october sixteenth 2000 and 2 it earned the highest viewership. Of any of the episodes in the second season I think this is born of the fact that there were 2 good episodes preceding it word of mouth was maybe going around of hey enterprises hitting its stride. Unfortunately this is maybe where people tuned in to say like I’ll give that show another chance. And I’m sorry but I just have a difficult time with what seems like should have been the c plot in any other episode becoming the only plot in the entire episode.
Struggled with that so here we are october sixteenth 2000 and 2 what kind of world were we wading into well when it comes to dancing Matt you were still dancing to dilemma the kelly nullland kelly rowland nelly. Combo and we were tuning in on tv to csi again with 30 million viewers total. So a little bit more than the 6 million viewers who tuned in for this episode of enterprise and at the theaters. We were still going to red Dragon for the second week in a row and in the new york times I was a little surprised and disheartened to realize that I had forgotten about this story from the news in 2002 which I remembered as soon as I read this headline I had flashbacks to how this event reverberated for a number of weeks and really created a lot of fear in people. The headline being sniper left clues this time. And police report progress in inquiry this time the roving sniper left more clues with a number of witnesses getting a better more chilling glimpse of him and his getaway van as they looked beyond his latest victim on the floor of a parking garage law enforcement officials. Law enforcement officials working on the sweeping manhunt for the sniper marked qualified progress today as they investigated the killing of a forty 7 year old woman his eleventh victim here on Monday night and as soon as I read that I immediately thought i.
Yeah, yeah.
Can’t believe that I had forgotten about the dc sniper attacks these were attacks that were taking place in two thousand and two and october of 2002 the dc sniper attacks and this is all from wikipedia now this is not from the new york times article. D c sniper attacks also known as the beltway sniper attacks were a series of coordinated shootings that occurred during 3 weeks in October Two thousand and 2 in the district of columbia maryland and virginia 10 people were killed and 3 others were critically wounded in Baltimore washington and a long interstate 95 in Virginia the snipers. Where john allen muhammed forty 1 at the time and lee boyd malvo seventeen at the time who traveled in a blue nineteen ninety chevrolet caprice sedan. Crime spree which began in February of 2002 included murders and robberies in the states of alabama arizona florida georgia louisiana texas and washington dc and resulted in 7 deaths 7 wounded in ten months the snipers killed seventeen people and wounded 10 others. So this was a case of not only was it a sniper attack. It was a case of effectively brainwashing where the older man had convinced this younger boy this child really that the attacks that they were conducting were the right thing to do. And the upshot of all of this is when they 2 of them were caught John allen muhammed was sentenced to death. He was in fact, killed through lethal injection sometime I believe it was around 2008 and the Younger sniper lee boyd malvo was tried and convicted with multiple life sentences and then went through a series of retrials basically with the argument being that he was. Effectively a victim of John allen mohammed and his ultimate the decision that was made by a court for him was to remove the earlier sentences and sentence him to less of a of a sentence he was. Effectively given I believe it was 20 years total which means that his sentencing may end up. He may come up for parole sometime in the not too distant future. It really raises issues around.
Treating a child as an adult in cases of egregious crime and looking at questions of responsibility in the instance of a child who’s under the sway of an adult so very sobering headline from October. 2002 when this episode aired this episode is clearly from my earlier statements about my response to it calling it the c plot in any other episode. It’s a much more lightheaded heart episode than the news story that we just talked about so it’s going to be a little bit of a shifting of gears now. But before we get into the details just big picture I’ve given people my big picture thoughts on this Matt where did you fall on this episode.
I am definitely kinder on this episode than you are clearly. Ah I remember when when I started watching this episode. My first reaction was oh this episode because I remember watching it when it was originally aired and hating it like my reaction from the first airing was your reaction. Me rewatching it now I’ve seen it before over the years but it’s like rewatching it now with more of a critical eye I actually didn’t dislike it I thought it was a very charming story but a boy and his dog I thought it was very I thought it was a nice charming story because it pulled out so much of the doctor like we just talked about before more doctor. Please i. Doctor and this was a fun take kind of almost a day in the life of the doctor to see how he lives and so I enjoyed the character development where I do agree with you though is it does feel like a b plot and not an a plot and it. Does feel like the handbreakke was slammed on after the past 2 episodes because those were back-to-back action and like high production qualities and then here was a ship in the bottle episode which you pretty much can. Always sense is going to be coming after they have a few big episodes with lots of special effects and action sequences you you know ah a ship in the bottle episode is going to come because they have to save money so you know it’s coming but this 1 felt extra slow and polar opposite from the past too. So I think there is a pacing issue.
Um, sure. Yeah.
And it’s not that this episode was necessarily a bad episode I think the placement of where this fell into the season may have been a bad choice to put it right at the end of those 2 big action sequences but at the same time just like the doctor I love me some Portos portos is an adorable little dog. And he’s a scene stealer every time he’s on the camera and it was just fun to see a little more portos get a little ah portos action in there. Get ah, even though it was you know? ah an a yeah yeah, an inimatronic dog at some points in the episode but which by the way I thought was.
Or inaction. Yeah. Um I would have paid good money for it to be an animatronic dog. This was just a stuffed toy.
I know but it but for yes, but for what it was in that vat of liquid it was it was sufficient. It’s like they didn’t have to do anything too crazy so it was.
Oh I have no problems with them using a stunt toy for the vat. There was a stunt toy used in some of the scenes where he’s just lying on his side because clearly the actor dog wouldn’t hold still that’s that’s the detail. That’s the detail. That’s that’s causing the problem. So.
Yes, Yes, oh yeah, yes yeah.
We’re gonna take a slightly different track than we have in previous episodes We’re’re gonna try something new Here. We’re not going to to go through a point by point Plot Recap We’re gonna kind of try andcapsulate all of that into 1 big sweeping summary which is. It’s the return of the cretaceans. These are the Alien race that in a previous episode. It was revealed that they were incredibly offended to have seen humans eating in front of them which they thought was an incredibly private Act. So This episode starts with the Enterprise has been to the planet Cretessa in an attempt to build a bridge again and the away team which has been made up of captain archer commander de Paul Andinsato and Portos has been on the planet for five days.
That’s right.
Trying to reopen friendly conversation with the cretaceans and the episode opens with them storming around the ship with archer complaining that they don’t know what they did this time but the cretaceans have effectively kicked them off the planet.
And in the Decon chamber portos was the doctor said portos has some kind of pathogen. He has to stay with me he he needs he needs to look into it more so poor little portos is is getting sick.
So the next layer of the story then is partos becomes ill portos ends up his immune system is collapsing and it becomes a story of as Matt pointed out a day in the life. It’s this is effectively. Around the doctor. What data’s day was in a next generation episode here’s where I have a problem Matt as you’ve brought up the idea of it being a day in the life. Data’s day is about data and in doing so it remains focused on. Data this is about flocks but it stays focused on archer it would be more interesting. It would be more interesting if it was about the doctor.
No I would I disagree with you there I disagree with you I I agree with you there. It’s like it’s not about the doctor. It’s about archer and it’s about him growing as a diplomat and coming to terms with his character growth. It’s about him. Problem is they spent so much time with the doctor. The doctor actually steals the focus and the scenes that he’s in with Archer. So archer’s plot sometimes takes a back seat and that’s the fault of the writing where it’s like if it was going to be about archer. It should have been with archer and then plox would have been a b character. But the fact that they spent so much time with flocks it created this weird disconnect and dissonance between the 2 lines and it’s like well I’m actually enjoying the flock stuff more than the archer stuff and it’s like we wanted probably for it to be a day of a day of flocks. Not a day of archer. Because they so they split the difference and it was a more interesting story for him.
The positive things we get to see in this episode. The things I did enjoy again like Matthew has been saying anything around flocks is interesting and compelling and fun. We get to see him clipping his toenails. We get to see him chasing a bat.
I Love that scene.
Around the room. We get to see him use archer for help in trying to capture the bat using effectively a giant or a gammi bird that he constructs on the end of what looks like a mop handle and then. Imitating the call of this bird in an attempt to scare the bat out of its hiding Space. We get to see him feeding all of his little creatures that he has in various cages around Sick Bay including something gets fed his toenails.
I Love that.
So we see him in 1 of the most disgusting sequences that enterprises ever shared with us. We get to see him scraping his tongue which looks like it is about a foot and a half long hanging out of his mouth. All of these things are more interesting and I and I go back to something Matt said about the difficulty is that it’s it’s supposed to be focused on archer and his character development. However, archer in this is depicted as a petulant teen I have difficulty with the starting point. Archer being he is angry at the cretaceans for their inability to recognize that there is something on their planet that will be toxic to a dog the number of problems I have with him taking his dog on this away mission. Including first off, why would you do that? Why would you go to a planet where you are going in an attempt to rekindle diplomatic standing with people who you’ve already had an incredibly difficult time with because they found eating to be offensive. So now you are going to take a small pet with you that is going to be eating and defecating the way the animals do so he takes this animal with him to this planet where the people have already demonstrated less than flexible thinking around. Personal behavior his animal then gets sick as a result of a pathogen that nobody was aware of prior to this. Why would the cretaceans know about a pathogen and its impact on a dog from another planet. Why would they be able to. But how would they know that this would be a problem and then for him to become upset with them for the illness of his dog when he’s the 1 who chose to take the dog with him.
I Yeah I don’t disagree with you I don’t excuse you. There’s a problem there but they did have that conversation where it’s like they sent the genome of all of the away team including the dog and that they the Crota Crustasans were supposed to like do a check against all the pathogens that are known of to see if there’s any reaction but but here’s but here’s but but.
I understand all of that I understand all of that but I have a problem even with the idea of wanting to take the dog in the first place the dog has no place on the away team.
I know I don’t I don’t disagree I don’t I don’t disagree with you. The dog shouldn’t be aboard the ship period but the whole the whole thing of I think what they were trying to do and this is why I’m a little kinder on this is they were setting archer archer by the end of the series. Becomes known as a good diplomat he’s he’s been able to pull all these different races together to help found found the found the federation so he’s got to be a good Diplomat. We’re seeing him when he’s not a good Diplomat. He’s learning and part of the reason I think what they were doing in the show. Have all those moments with the doctor. It was this because he’s irrational because of his love for his dog and he’s acting irrational here’s the doctor where he’s being reminded of humans are not the center of the universe. There’s a different point of view among all of the people that are out in the um outer space and here’s the doctor who’s. Scraping his tongue. He’s clipping his toenails. He’s fitting it to his pets. He’s he’s very alien and so all of these scenes with the doctor are every 1 of them archer at um, ah every scene has this reaction of like oh god that’s gross or what is happening in every single scene and it’s it’s that reminder again and again to the. Archer that he’s got to grow over the course of the episode. So here’s the constant reminder of humans aren’t at the center of the universe. My point of view is not necessarily the right point of view here’s somebody that I respect and admire and he’s very different from me. He’s got a different view on things and it’s that reminder through this entire thing that helps him grow as a diplomat. So I think. That’s what they were trying to do did they execute on that Super well. No, they dropped the ball in a bunch of ways. Portos didn’t have to be the instigator. But I think it was the easy path for them because of the bond between archer and this dog that shouldn’t be on the ship in the first place he loves this dog. And so you put the dog in Jeopardy and then you can have archer act more rational than normal because a loved 1 is about to Die. So it’s like I can see why they did it but it was I can see why. Irritates you but it just did it didn’t get hit me wrong. It actually hit me in a way of like okay I see why they’re doing this. They’re trying to make him evolve as a character and as a diplomat because you have to start somewhere we have to show him not being good at this and getting better.
I Think it’s yeah I think it’s interesting because it seems very much like you are seeing the exact same things I’m seeing but you’re willing to swallow them because of big picture thinking whereas I’m talking about the nitty-gritty.
Thanks Yes, yes.
Aspects of this episode I understand everything you’re describing I agree you need to have archer demonstrate a sort of Narcissistic human viewpoint before he can grow into the de that we know that he needs to be in order to achieve what will become the federation.
But that’s what that’s no, but that’s precisely why that’s person. Yeah.
However, his dog his dog being his dog being on the away team I can’t get past that hurdle his dog could be in danger in some other fashion that makes a lot more sense and you’d end up with the same episode. You could end up with all the same beats that you’re talking about. Him worried about his dog him dealing with the difference of different people every if this had been a circumstance of his dog is Ill as a result of let’s say he was given a gift by the cretaceans and it comes back and it turns out to be toxic Now. He’s dealing with a.
How did they not think to test whether this would be a problem for it to be brought aboard our ship. It could have made humans Ill It’s potentially going to kill my dog I can’t believe they were that insensitive. They complained. We were insensitive and then they go and do something like this and you could have then. All the same conversations with teal and with flockx and everything where he’s distracted by the fact his dog is sick debal could be saying you have a job to do. You could have all those same beats I have a difficult time with what feels not just like lazy writing but just bad writing.
Um, well here’s yeah, like like I said in the beginning. The first time I saw this episode when it was originally aired. My reaction is mimicking yours the 1 that you’re having right now I did not like that episode at all for these exact reasons I think part of the reason why I’m more forgiving of it now I’ve seen this series.
Which is what that which is what I keep tripping up on.
Numerous times I know where this ends up and so looking at it with a critical eye Now. It’s like I can’t divorce the fact that I know where arch is supposed to be going and so it’s like I see what they were trying to execute and I think they did not a great chapter like if I was going to give this a letter grade I’d probably give this episode a c. It’s like it was not a fail for me. It wasn’t a runaway hit, but it was kind of a C. It was like okay, there’s aspects of this that I think are good and there aspects I think are bad but as a whole I like what they were trying to do with the character development around archer around flox and I thought that was interesting So it’s it’s there’s. That’s part of why I think it didn’t hit me in the same Way. It’s hitting you. It’s like I think the the instigation for the whole plot of how the dog got sick is setting you off in a way. It didn’t set me off and I think that’s how why we separated in our take.
I think I think you you’re you’re saying that you’ve seen the series multiple times in the time since 2002 I haven’t I haven’t seen it. This is my first rewatch since 2002 um I have I wrestle with the entire idea of taking. You know portos down to the planet. There is a arguably there is a b plot. Not really, there’s a b plot in here which is the cretaceans are offended again. It turns out that Portos urinates on a sacred tree. There is.
I know.
And immediate reaction on archer’s part to basically blame the victim and say so what the dog peed on the tree dogs pee on trees. It’s bad writing it is just bad writing this episode also includes I’m not sure if it’s Berman abraga. Somebody there likes to see the crew in the Decon chamber so not only do we get the Decon chamber scene. We get a dream sequence which includes.
We get the dream scene.
Armchair psychologist writing around flocks saying to archer I think the reason you’re frustrated is because you’re sexually frustrated this element. This element is completely out of nowhere and it makes zero sense I think you’re sexually frustrated.
Okay, so this is where I’m going to agree with you this what? yes out of nowhere out’ know where yep.
And you’re attracted to to paul and you can’t act on that. So then we end up with a dream sequence back in the Decon chamber where now even the small underwear comes off. This is just bad writing like. And I understand again to go back to what you said I get what you’re saying about big picture. You can hit all those big picture moments. You can have an episode showing him as a bad diplomat at the beginning and learning to so to recognize oh I’m not the center of the universe humans aren’t the center of the story you can have that story. Without what are arguably just bad moments of writing and then on top of that then you end up with.
Yes I I will not argue hold on hold on I will not argue the dream sequence at all that whole thing with the sexual tension should not have been in this episode period It was It was a It was a what the what moment when that whole plotline started. It was like you got to be kidding.
For me some of the best moments in this episode take place in conversation and there’s flox discussing his family structure I think is a great moment where flox is talking about. His relationship to his wives his wives relationship to their multiple husbands. How many children there are in the Mix. We discover that flox’s family. He is older than he looks and his children are actually old enough to be. Adults themselves and he describes. He’s got some children who are working in the sciences similar to him and he has also a child who is I believe he says he still lives with his mother but he’s an artisan and he makes pottery that is Beautiful. So it’s this mixture of. Of generational relationships and family relationships that are very different from a what we would consider the standard expectation of a of a human relationship a human pairing that all seems very. Interesting and it’s well acted and there are moments where they’re touching upon each other there is a nice moment where archer is basically telling Flocks. You don’t understand humans. He gets very upset with flocks about the fact that Flocks seems to be moving forward with a procedure which. He’s literally making up on the fly. He’s going to take a pituitary gland out of a reptile and put it into portos and when archer hears about this. His response is holy cow you got to slow down I haven’t even said I want that done but he does it in a way that basically hauls. Flocks out and says like you don’t have empathy. You don’t care and flox pushes back gently but pushes back and gives him the time to to consider what he wants to do for his for his dog. There are moments like that that I think are well rendered. It’s just when you have it sandwiched between things that feel clumsy at best or in bad taste at worst this entire episode becomes strange. There are so also some things that don’t really seem to fit and you talk about like character development.
Yes, yeah, okay.
There is an element in this where archer is competing with toal on a on an exercise machine I don’t understand how that fits big picture at all like that’s showing a side of competition from him toward her in the midst of and her and it just seems like it just seems like.
Um, yes, yes and her and her she’s competing with him. Yeah.
What is this supposed to be. Why are we like? Why are we seeing this.
Um, it’s for for me the the entire Topa plotline shouldn’t have been in there. It was it was poorly rendered I agree with you on that. It’s part of the reason why I give this episode a C because there’s hits and misses but big picture I think it’s It’s okay, um, the the hold like. Going back to the doctor. It’s like this should have been you remember that episode a while ago that it was where he was doing. It was all about the doctor and him writing those penpel letters to the other doctor. This episode would have been better if it was like that again if it had been. You could have the exact same plot instigation that drove you nuts.
It could still be the porho stuff on the planet. It could still be the the archer sleeping in the in the Sick Bay and overreacting to everything. But if it was all from the perspective of the doctor. It would have been far more interesting because that’s 1 That’s where Star Trek gets really good because like you’re talking about like spock from the original Series. You’re talking about data from next Generation. You always have these main characters that can basically look at humanity from the outside and comment on our our human nature and if they had had the doctor doing that he could have been commenting on archer’s reaction to his dog being sick how he was handling the Diplomacy. It’s like you could have had this outsider look in.
And more clear linear Fashion. You wouldn’t need the whole to Paul Plotline at all the whole sexual tension stuff and you know that’s it’s only there to sex it Up. It’s like they probably had executives at the you know the channel saying to them you have to sex it up and get more sex in there and so they were probably dropping dropping this in there because they had to. Um, because they necessarily wanted to So. Yeah.
Including a very strange ending to it all with depa literally bringing it up to archer of like oh there’s a lot of sexual attention here but we can never do anything about it and it was just like what That’s what’s going on here I agree with everything you just said about if this had been told from Flox’s point of view which is what I wanted.
I am.
As well I would have preferred it being told from his point of view. You could have then also had archer be a better captain in the episode this episode revolves far too much around basically archer being a terrible leader and making bad decisions throughout. Until he realizes at the very end that he needs to be compassionate toward other people. It’s it just it’s too clumsy in getting there and if it had been from the perspective of flocks commenting flocks could have been commenting about. I’m amazed at humanity’s ability to multitask in the form of he’s extremely concerned about his dog. He’s also working very hard to try and figure out what the cretaceans are upset about it could have reflected archer’s good decision making around all of this. And still incorporated. Some of the elements around archer making decisions about Portos not about the mission in general but about portos that the doctor realizes oh we’re having some conflict here that could have been for me would have made this a stronger episode overall and then like Matt just said. Pull the topal stuff out entirely. We don’t need to see the captain saying like gosh am I really horny for my first officer.
Yeah, yeah.
Overall Matt has said he would give this a C I’d put it in D Territory Um, and I give it.
Matt has said he would give this a c I would put this in d territory and the only thing that keeps it in d territory as opposed to being lower are the writing around flox’s personal life. And his depiction within sick bay and the moments within sick bay at night. The the overall it’s not played up for comedy but it is funny him pursuing the bad him and archer collectively trying to catch this thing. There is a charm to those that I that I enjoyed but for me the bad missteps of the setup and just again bad decision making about who you take on your away team don’t take your dog stop taking the dog dog shouldn’t be on the ship. Don’t take them to the. Planets and when somebody gets upset that your dog peed on their tree. Your response can’t be hey fella dogs pee on trees get over it. But I’m curious listeners viewers. What did you think.
Dogs pee on trees.
Are you with Matt you looked at this and you said I get what they’re going for a big picture and that’s fine with me or are you more in my camp where you look at this and say they should have scratched this episode and moved on to the next 1 there are other ways to convey that archer has to grow as a diplomat. Let us know what you think you can find the contact information in the kind in the podcast notes. Let me say that again, you can find the contact information in the podcast notes you can also on youtube just scroll directly below the video and leave a comment there. Matt before we sign off is there anything you’d like to remind our listeners about that you have going on what’s going on in your other channel.
Um, well,, there’s just a lot of interesting topics coming up on undecided just almost too many to talk about. There’s episodes coming up on tiny houses which I’m really looking forward to as a possible sustainable way to live. I Myself could never live in 1 but it’s still interesting so stuff like that So stay tuned done decided.
As for me, you can check out my website Seanferrell Dot Com You can find out information there about my writing and I appreciate your checking it out and if you go looking for my my books, let me say that again if you go looking for my books they are available at bookstores everywhere. Or your public Library. So Reminder you can visit Trek in time show and you can directly support the podcast there if anybody has any comments or corrections please do reach out if it turns out that that wasn’t flox’s tongue that he was scraping. Let me know I don’t Know. Um, made an assumption.
Ah, oh I don’t want to know what that was if it wasn’t.
Please do remember to subscribe to like the episode and to share it widely with your friends and strangers and remember humans are not the center of the universe come back next time and thanks so much for listening everybody. We’ll talk to you later.
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