39: Cease Fire – Star Trek Enterprise Season 2, Episode 15

Matt and Sean talk about the tentative first steps to building The Federation, and earning an A for doing so.

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Hey, everybody in this episode of trek in time we explore the first steps to building the federation and should we really be surprised that there was pain in birthing it welcome to trek and time everybody where we’re looking at every episode of star trek and chronological order that means we’re. Back in enterprise the oldest stories in the trek universe. We also take a look at how things were at the time of the original broadcast in our world. So we’re looking at things from 2003 interesting times abound so who are we well I’m Sean Farrell um a published author I write some sci-fi I write some stuff for kids and with me is my brother Matt Matt is the guru and inquisitor behind the Youtube channel undecided with Matt Farrell which takes a look at emerging tech and its impact on our lives and he’s also a gigantic Trek nerd. How you doing nerd I’m doing okay, it’s been a whirlwind of a weekend for me so still trying to catch my breath. But I think I’ll be okay before we get into this episode. We’re gonna be talking about cease fire.
Nerd. This nerd is good. How about you.
Matt I believe you have some comments from our previous episodes.
Yes, we do. There’s a few I wanted to bring up from the episode dawn which is the one where trip is stranded on the planet with that other alien um one from Martin Charles Pitt Bradley first and solid enemy mind reference.

But I also submit Jory’s episode the enemy from next generation I completely forgot about that episode. It’s exactly along the same lines as this. He’s stringed on a planet with I think it’s a romulan and the two of them have to work together to get off the planet. So it’s the exact same basic premise and it’s I think that one’s actually probably done better than this one personally.

But it’s not by much I think these were both solid episodes. Um the other comments there was kind of a thread started by robotrav. Um, you guys should totally do a podcast special and do enemy mine I love that movie and I’m sure Sean could probably rewrite the heck out of it that. Followed up by Aj Chan who said or starship troopers and what I found funny about both of those comments was I grew up watching enemy mine and Hbo it was like shown like it felt like every other day and I watched it like every time it was on I love that movie and it’s bad. It’s a bad movie that I absolutely love yeah it then.

Um, yeah, yeah, yeah, it’s not. It’s not a great movie but it’s a fun movie. Yeah.
Starship troopers I remember seeing that in a theater and being so angry and hating it and then like a decade later I started watching it on video and then on Tv and now that’s one of my favorite movies. It’s like I don’t think I appreciated it for what it was at the time which is actually a really good movie.
Yeah, yeah, we yeah we haven’t we won’t go too deep into a starship Trooper’s commentary right now but I will say this it is smarter than people give it credit for it was knowingly it was knowingly.
Way smarter.
Designed to be an examination of the rise of fascism. So very very smart movie. But as for today’s episode as I mentioned we’re gonna be talking about cease fire and guess what everybody that bell you hear means 1 thing. That’s right. Time for Matt to read the Wikipedia description Matt Jump in
She okay ceasefire is the forty first episode production two fifteen on the television series star trek enterprise the fifteenth of the second season I like that we were now in a whoever wrote the previous episode clearly wrote this one.

Show is set in the twenty second century of the star trek universe with with premise being earth’s faster than light spaceship enterprise explores the galaxy under command of Captain Archer this has nothing to do with the episode. Captain Archer attempts to negotiate a ceasefire between the indorians and the vulcans. Okay, before you say anything all they needed was that last sentence the rest of that could be thrown out somebody needs to go in in Wikipedia and just delete all of that except for that one sentence.
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, and what I like about this is again in Matt’s reading you can’t hear the the breaks in the the setup but that last sentence is actually its own paragraph. So.
This is clearly somebody was standing there rattling on about earth’s faster than light spaceship enterprise explores the galaxy capital g galaxy under the command of captain archer and then somebody else walked into the room and just went hey listen Captain Archer negotiates a ceasefire. That’s what’s going on here. You can almost hear the frustration in the last.
Yeah, it’s like a passive aggressive description.
Line. So yeah, it might as well be in parentheses. So this episode was directed by David Strayton we’ve seen his work before he most recently worked on vanishing point. And this one was written by Chris Black who’s given credit on singularity and this episode when did we first see it February Twelfth Two Thousand and three so madam sure I don’t have to remind you you were rocking out to I’m with you by Avil Levine right it was the third single off of her debut album and at the movie theater. Well I think we all remember where we were when how to lose a guy in ten days dropped and it earned 23000000 at the box office and this of course is a romantic comedy directed by Donald Petrie starring Kate Hudson and Matthew Mcconaughey
Oh yeah.
And what can we say about this movie other than this continues to be probably the worst movie I have ever paid money to see in a theater. Yes, you want to talk about walking out of theater Angry I walked out of the theater angry nothing against romantic comedies.
Really. Ah.
Ah, good romantic comedy is great but notice I said a good romantic comedy.
Yeah, this is not a good romantic time I’ve never seen it.
Well I think it’s available everywhere I think it’s being broadcast on pluto and Hbo and every other place you can imagine right now. So please brew a pot of tea and sit down and have a great time. So this episode airing on February Twelve two thousand and three had four point seven million viewers this is a little bit up from previous weeks. However, enterprise at this point still continues to struggle in the ratings against the other competition in prime time. My wife and kids. Had 12000000 viewers. The prices right? Million dollars spectacular had 11 that 70 show 12000000 Ed had nine million and Ed is one of those programs that oh yeah, that was a program I remember I remember seeing commercials for that but enterprise is still able to kick Dawson’s creek however, not by much by barely 400000 viewers. Apparently the most watched program this week Csi was back on top and in the news. Well just like last week’s episode where I talked about how the episode. In the parable around to Paul dealing with a syndrome that would potentially kill her the metaphor being for aids. The idea that it was a story that felt pulled directly from the context of the world that it was made in this episode feels the same way to me. In the New York Times 1 of the major headlines was top us officials were beginning to link Iraq to Al Qaeda and of course this is part of linking the September Eleventh attacks to Iraq to prepare the us with a mindset ready to go to war. However, long-term looking back the consensus of intelligence experts has been that these contexts between Iraq and Al Qaeda never led to an operational relationship and that consensus is backed up by reports from the independent 119 commission and by declassified defense department reports. As well as by the senate select committee on intelligence whose 2006 report of phase 2 of its investigation into pre-war intelligence reports concluded that there was no evidence of ties between Saddam Hussein and Al-qaeda critics of the Bush administration have said Bush was intentionally building a case for war with Iraq. Without regard to factual evidence on April Twenty Nine Two thousand and seven former director of central intelligence George Tenant said on 60 minutes we could never verify that there was any iraqi authority direction and control complicitly with Al Qaeda for 119 or any operational act against America.
Period. So having said all of that we turn now to the episode ceasefire and Matt I think you’ll probably agree with me in saying yeah this episode feels very much like it was made in the era.
Oh yeah, yeah, no, it’s very much of its time because it’s it’s tying into everything that’s going on the Middle East at that time. So it’s like there’s definitely a through line that comes through crystal clear for me.
Where those things were in the news.
Even to the setup of what is being fought over in this episode the episode revolves around the Andorrians and the vulcans are in battle over a small planet and it is.
On the frontier. It’s described as being on the frontier between the two systems the volcan system of the anddorian system the anddorians call it weton the vulcans call it pan mcar both sides claim it. However, before they started fighting over it. Nobody really wanted it. It was described as an uninhabitable class d planet and the andorrians moved in terraformed it making it inhabitable and then the vulcans showed up and said no no this belongs to us and that setup. Of the conflict was supposed to be 100 years before this story. So for 100 years now there’s been battling over what was previously undesirable territory as a metaphor for the tension in the Middle East the arguments about who owns what land in the Middle East this seems like it’s just.
Literally lifting that context and putting it into space of tensions have always been high between these 2 people and it’s all boiling down to one small location where it’s that’s going to be the flashpoint.
And I don’t know if this hit you but with what’s going on the world right now with Ukraine and Russia I was getting hit in the face with the vulcans annexed this planet because they thought that the andorrians were getting a little too close for comfort and that’s exactly what putin did to crimea.
Um, yeah.
And the lower regions of the Ukraine and that’s the rationale he used and I’m sitting there watching this episode going whoa. This episode had a lot of weight for the day it was made and it feels like they could have made it today because like it is in the news again. So it’s it’s it’s still very timely.
Um, yeah, yeah, yeah, and that I think gets to the heart of what this felt like for me you touching on it was timely for the day. It’s timely now. That is Star Trek I Think in a nutshell by extracting at its best when Star Trek Extracts moments of the era and tells a story cloaked in sci-fi technobabble and gets to some nuggets of hard truth.
In at the at its best at its best. Yep.
In that storytelling it resonates again and again and again the original series has that this series has that and for me as I was watching this I kept thinking this is the most roddenberry-esque of the episodes that we’ve seen in a while it really felt like.
This was the essence of trek taking a hard look at two sides both of whom have reasons to distrust the other one. The vulcans decision to annex this planet is built entirely around a logical conclusion There’s only 1 reason why the anddorians would be there I thought it was very interesting. Nobody bothered to ask any of the andorian characters. Why are you here? Nobody bothers to say why is you here? What is the value of this planet to you? Everybody who is laying claim to this is laying claim.
Were you doing that? Yeah yeah.
Simply to lay claim if there is no oh we found a resource. Oh there’s a value. The valuable thing here. There’s no attempts at that kind of explanation. It is literally. We want it and if we want it, you’re gonna want to try and take it from us. So.

The episode revolves I was just going to say very quickly. What what were you going to say I’ll give it to you.
I also said to to I was gonna take a step back. It’s you may have been about to touch on this Ah I love whenever the anddorians are involved in enterprise bad joke. My antennas perk up. Um I’ve I love the and dorians in this show. The actor that plays um the lead in Dorian I’m blanking on this name right now Jeffrey Holmes he for me just lights up the show like it feels like whenever he’s there the show goes from a it’s a pretty good show to okay I’m in sit down pay attention because this is going to be an electrifying episode a lot of dynamics.
Jeffrey calms. Yeah. Yeah.
Really great interactions between him and archers I always get really excited. So it’s very I wish they had leaned into this more in this series because as a fan of star trek as you and I are were star trek nerds from way back. There’s an aspect of fan fiction. Whenever they deal with the through line that we see in today’s episode where it’s you’re seeing the seeds of the federation forming this is fan fiction. It’s like we grew up watching star trek all the movies. All the shows and it’s like this is a part of the star trek history that we’ve never seen before and.
And we voice wondered what it’s like because we knew the Anddorians The Vulcans and the humans are the ones that started the federation and it’s it’s just like I don’t know candy to a star trek fan and I don’t know why they didn’t lean into this more often because it’s just like it’s just popcorn. It’s just.
Um, yeah, yeah I agree it feels like this is we are now just past the halfway point of the second season and I couldn’t help but wonder why wasn’t this a storyline that would have been in the second half of the first season. It really feels like.
Can’t stop eating it I just want more and more.
There was so much the first season spent so much time with the temporal cold war which which went nowhere but ultimately not only did it go nowhere why embed in what is effectively the biggest prequel.
Which went nowhere.
Trek could have envisioned the very first starship enterprise why try to embed time travel and a potential future into that in that way so much effort and energy going into that whereas this this is what you tune into the show for like what are the first days of pre-federation. What does that look like and the idea that the federation is born in fire and blood in in ah in a territorial dispute where the brilliance of the opening scene where there’s combat going on on this planet and you see shran played by Jeffrey Combs say I know somebody who can help us get a ceasefire here and it’s the pink skin and so you end up with that moment of when admiral forrest played by Vaughn Armstrong contacts archer and archer’s response is basically I don’t want to do this like.
I don’t want any part of this this sounds like I’d be stepping into a hornet’s nest. Why would I want to do that and the idea that this is the first time that the vulcans have turned to the humans and said I think we need your help and the fact that the andorrians are reaching out and it’s shrann personally when archer finds out that it’s shran.
Suddenly he gets a smirk when he is that moment where he’s sitting across from the ambassadors of all played by Gary Graham and saval is pushing back on human involvement at all. He thinks that they’re going to screw it up but when he says this commander shrend. Why would a commander.
Of the andorrian forces be asking for you by name and archer at first is just like who would be asking for me. But as soon as he hears shred he stands up and looks at trep and he gets a smirk and he’s just like I’m going to turn the screw a little bit and he turns to savan like it sounds like you need my help and is fully ready.
Yeah, yeah.
To walk away and I didn’t read that as a bluff I read his his saying like you don’t want my involvement fine. We’ll go back to our mission. We’re just flying around in space privately he admits to some people I think our mission is more than just wandering around in space.
Um, no, it didn’t come across as a bluff.
Think maybe we’re supposed to be doing this kind of thing of getting people to talk and get past these differences. The power of Shrannd’s opening scene inviting him in the power of the scene around the table when saval is saying I don’t want you here. And archer not only says I’ll walk away but then even pushes back on the idea that saval has any say in what’s going on at all saval says my second will go with you and archer’s response is no I’m not taking any of your people with me I’ll take my people which means to paul.
Yeah, yeah.
But I’m not taking any of your people because they asked for me, they didn’t ask for him. Really smart writing very very wellpaced tension. The ratcheting up notch by notch and. The scenes between shrann and his second who’s played by Susie Plason who everybody will remember has played wf’s ah partner basically the the mother of Worf’s child um she does a great job in this episode.
Yes, she does. She’s great in this episode.
Playing playing an Enddorian who there is no mustache twrling. There’s nobody in this who is like nefariously like yeah haha my plans are coming to fruition. There is simply everybody’s yeah everybody thinks that they’re the hero of the story and that’s when.
Everybody’s doing what they think is right? Everybody’s doing what they think is right.
That’s when this kind of plot where the tension between the players can work. Best is if everybody has solid ground to stand on nobody is saying I’m going out to kill the other side because I love killing it’s they all believe.
This is important enough for me to die for It’s not about them killing it’s about them being willing to die for it and Susie Plackson’s character Tara has the has several moments with shran where she is pushing back as his second in command and he has to snap at her at 1 point. What did you think about that scene where he basically says I respect your opinion but that doesn’t give you the right to criticize my decisions.
Yeah, know it was is every I thought it is kind of a blanket statement across the entire episode I thought all of the interactions between all the different players. This episode was extremely well written in my opinion so they. Dialogue between the two of them and that conflict they have and how she’s pushing back and how he has to snap her back and basically say no I’m in charge. This is an order.. It’s not a debate I thought it was really smart and it sets her up right from the beginning as obviously being an antagonist to Shran and so by the end when we discover not. Jump ahead and give everything away but she actually is kind of going behind his back and trying to kill archer and in Saval. So. It’s like the fact that she did that is not surprising because from the very beginning we know that she’s not aligned with this. She thinks it’s a mistake and that they’re making a horrible mistake doing this and they have to show strength and fight back. So It’s like. Like he said there’s no mush test trolling. She thinks she’s the Hero She thinks she’s doing the right thing. She’s making a call. That’s the best for her people. So it’s it’s it’s her motivations are so crystal clear from the very beginning I Loved it. I Thought the dialogue and the way that went forward was good but it wasn’t like hamfisted and giving it all away or.
Um, yeah.
You know, like where a lesser writing and lesser show would probably have like done soap Opera Zoom ins and have heard kind of like on Ha and then walking out of the room. It was none of that it was everything was played very straight which I thought made it stronger.
Yeah, you would have had in in a lesser ah in a lesser episode. You would have have her you would have her giving knowing glances to people in the room you would have had clearly the passing of secret messages giving canned signals or some sort of sensor would have gone off.
Um, yeah.
And we would have seen Ray’s eyebrows at one another and in this she pushes back on shrann he pushes back on her. Ultimately, it feels like what has happened is that they have set up in the writing a line between the 2 of them and the line between the 2 of them. Is the idea of negotiations taking place with the balkans shrann is looking at it and criticizing the idea that negotiations might take a long time. His thing is like the vulcans they just and and his performance in this is so perfect. You can just tell that Jefferrey Coms loves playing this character.
Oh yeah, of course.
And Jeffrey Holmes has played characters in trek before he plays one of my favorite characters in deep space 9 But yes, but the the way he portrays schrann in this episode in particular is so perfect pitch perfect that he has that moment where he says.
We you? yeah.
The vulcans just will wear you down by dragging things out and talking for 100 years it’ll just it just the the way that they will just sand away your ability to withstand any more conversation. Non-stop talk and her response is.
She doesn’t want the negotiations to take place at all because the weakness she sees in the negotiations is shran she says you’ll negotiate negotiate away our entire claim and so when you have the 2 characters both looking at the same thing. And they’re seeing a different problem but they’re not hearing each other that is really strong conflict.
The the other side of that is when when she’s questioning also bringing in the pink skin bringing in archer he every time he talks about archer. He almost looks envious and has almost a wistful memory of like he’s been able to.
Twice to get the vulcans to do things that I didn’t think was possible. So it’s like he’s a little bit in awe of how he’s figured out how to manipulate the vulcans to get what he wants and so it’s like that’s why it it shows why he is so willing and needs archer to come in because he he thinks archer can do a trifecta here and do it again.
Um, yeah.
And so it’s it’s nice to see that budding relationship and respect that the 2 of them have for each other and that shrann is leaning on that and it’s his second in command doesn’t have that experience with archer. So it’s once again, it’s a nice dichotomy that they’re setting up of like shran knows he can rely on archer but she has no idea who this guy is it’s like.
Does he know so it’s a blind spot for her. So it’s once again, it kind of it’s smart writing it’s smart the way they put this all together and it’s I gotta give my hats off to them for the execution on this.
Yeah, she she even expresses that she believes that archer is nothing more than a puppet. The Vulcans have a puppet on a string and they’re they’re pulling his his strings and like you said her lack of personal experience with him.
Is clearly undermining this. It goes back to something we talked about last week it about being open communication and ignorance those yeah the the ignorance and the closed lines of communication are leading to this conflict and archer through action is. Trying to demonstrate good faith when they crash after being shot down and they have ambassador saval with them. Saval says the vulcan line is right over here. They could get there and then be safe, but archer. Argues and then they wander deeper into the no man’s land between the 2 opposing forces because his entire goal is we were supposed to come and see them. It was their invitation that was bringing us here and if we don’t do that we then look like we’ve done something nefarious.
So it’s this archers without being at a table and having conversations everybody else has conversations shran and his number 2 have conversations saval does a lot of talking with to Paul pushing back and saying there’s a really nice scene where. He is basically saying to her like you’ve thrown your career away you even developed a human accent and she says just because I respect him doesn’t mean that I am somehow being manipulated or lesser than and there is that. Burgeoning respect from saval by the end of the episode and there’s the ongoing respect from shran and while all of that is happening. It is just archer is just action through the episode which I really liked. Yeah, it is. It’s a nice marriage of action with.
I was going to bring that up.
The philosophical concepts the episode is balanced well in that way. But the fact that archer isn’t sitting down at a table and speechifying. He doesn’t have a moment where he says let me tell you what it means to be human. there’s no there’s no Kirklike Monologue at the end of this that would have or Picard like Monologue where it would have been like.
Um, that’s yes, yes, or Picard Lake Monologue
Here. Let me explain to you what it means to be human. There is just a guy scrambling around in the dirt trying to survive to demonstrate look I am trying to do the right thing for both of you.
Yeah, the the best the best episodes in my opinion are the ones that do a good balance between the action and the philosophical discussions that star trek is really known for um, at least classic trek modern treks more action based but it’s it’s it’s you’re getting character development. You’re getting great. Ah. Ah, like dialogue and philosophical discussions happening while there’s action in and around the action. It’s woven end so you never feel like you’re getting an exposition dump. You never feel like you’re getting being lectured to the episode has enough action that it’s exciting just took from an action point of view. It’s there’s a lot of tension throughout the entire episode and. It’s a brilliant marriage of that. It reminded me a little bit of completely different plot but like there are 4 lights. It’s like when he’s hung up the tension in that episode is ratcheted up. There’s a ton of philosophical discussion. But you’re watching Picard get tortured the entire episode. So. It’s like there’s this oh my god this this level of tension and anxiety. This one also has action and anxiety with the the storytelling going in throughout it and that dialogue that you brought up between ah to Paul and saval um is great. It’s like that scene where she basically stands up for it’s I respect him it’ it’s once again, it’s a little character to moment and it. It helps to build those relationships and it’s literally a sentence. It’s like it’s an example of how good writing can elevate. What might be a pedestrian story if you couldn’t tell I love this episode I thought.
Yeah, yeah, this episode for me was hit it hit all the boxes for me as well including having what I thought was some very very well rendered and dramatic B Storyline which was so intimately woven in trips.
Trip trip man he kick butt.
Captaincy in the enterprise where he’s basically playing the Captain Kirk role in command of the enterprise in that moment where yep he the enterprise in orbit loses track of the shuttle.
Um, he looks so cocksure the entire time he’s doing what he’s doing.
In communication with the vulcans who the vulcan played by Gary ah by John Balma who plays moroc and moroc sort of snidely mentions like our senses are better than yours. So we know where they went down and leaves them in the dark. The enterprise. Trip says we want to be a part of the rescue operation and morocque doesn’t allow it and trip’s concern is that the vulcans the last time that they operated with the vulcans with the anddorian storyline was that the vulcans showed up and blew everything up. So. He’s trying to avoid a powder keg moment he recognizes. What’s potentially going to happen here meanwhile and Dorian Ships are on their way with support for the andorrians on the planet and by the time all the pieces come together. The enterprise knows. Roughly where the captain is they know he’s still alive but they can’t reach him and the vulcans have moved their ships out of orbit in a way that’s ready for combat and the andorrians show up so trip does. The only thing he can do. He just parks the enterprise right in the middle and when he says to read, go go to red alert and read hits the button and you hear for the first time the red alert clax on that they’ve now decided you’ll remember episodes ago when Reid was trying to figure out what the read alert.
Read smiles.
Read alert.
Sound like there were so many different alarms going off that it was a joke throughout the episode. It wasn’t the same twice but now this is the red alert goes on. It is a simple bell and the red lights flashing and Reid looks up at nobody.
He looks proud. Yes.
And looks proud like we are ready for combat and then trip just parks the ship between the two sides both of whom in a split screen conversation which looks a little bit like a Zoom meeting which we’ve all been enjoying during the pandemic. He has a 2 wo-way conversation with. The vulcan commander and the andorrian commander and both of them say you might want to get out of the way because we’re going to start firing at each other and his response is I’m going to fire at anybody who tries to go to that planet and he manages to hold them there.
Long enough for the stuff on the planet to be diffused. Ultimately what happens at the end is the assassination attempt which is orchestrated by Tara. She tries to shoot down the shuttle craft and then she and a cohort try to hunt down saval. And archer and to Paul and archer is able to foil that plot by literally being v one to just you know fist fight his way through both of them. He’s able to capture Tara and then there’s a nice moment where shrann shows up and all he knows is that archer has been fighting with Tara and Tara claims they’re the ones who’ve done this nefarious thing and it’s a great moment with saval standing right? there where archer is able to say look you know why you brought me here. Do you really think I would have gone to all this trouble and injured saval in the way that he’s been injured. Just to do what she’s claiming I’m doing and shren in that moment despite years of having worked with her recognizes. He’s seen through her facade and it’s a great moment for saval as well where it then.
It believes him? yep.
The episode then ends with talks have begun the ceasefires in place and talks have begun and shren is already exhausted by them. He is already at a moment of just like god can we please just get past this and he has picked up on something. Archer said at the beginning when archer first meets shronn on the planet archer jokes in these squalid conditions I envisioned. We’d be sitting on a big table with champagne. So shran has blood. Yeah, and his his response pink skin sense of humor so shran in this moment at the end he has brought some.
Pinkson’s pinkskin sense of humor I Love the response.
Alcohol of some sort he pours glasses and says let’s drink to this process and the vulcans include themselves in this despite the fact, the Vulcans don’t drink clearly Saval does not enjoy the taste. He drinks. It makes a face grimaces but then on his way out the door. Turns and says to archer you haven’t basically says you haven’t bumbled your way through this and after he leaves Strand gives a great closing Line. You want to share the closing line. Yeah.
My favorite line. He basically says I think he likes you.
To which archer says don’t be so sure. But all in all, a terrific episode in my estimation I give this one an a this is the first this is the first enterprise this is the first episode of enterprise where I felt like clearly this is an a and so.
Yes, yeah, this is a plus for me.
Um, this this was the promise of this show. It’s like we were meant to see the formation of the federation and lo and behold. That’s my favorite episode so far is when they actually start to deliver on that promise and and I don’t want to I don’t want to give motivations to the the writers and Braga and those guys.
But it comes across to me as if they didn’t know who their audience was for this show that they may have been a little burned out by Star Trek and they were looking for something fun and engaging for themselves which is why they came up with the whole temporal cold war and they were trying to do something different and something that was probably exciting to them and not leaning into what.
Um, yeah.
The audience actually wanted and for me I wanted more kirk-like adventures the formation of the federation. The history that I’ve always dreamt of from the universe and they weren’t giving it to me until now and so it’s like it took them two and a half seasons I mean one and a half seasons to get one and half seasons to get to this point. It’s like.
Yeah, one and a half seasons yes
Why did it take you this many episodes to get to the point where this was the promise of the show. So it feels like there was a dissonance between what they wanted to do as creators and what the audience actually wanted.
I agree I’m curious about our listeners. Do you have any ideas as to what it might have been do you think it was like Matt laid out just now so nicely. Do you think that they were chasing after a brass ring of their own design without recognizing what the audience was actually interested in. And do you think that like I said that this is clearly an a episode or did you see this as being something else, let us know in the comments or you can reach out to us through the contact information in the podcast description and of course we’ll be back next week we’re going to be talking about the episode future tense. Matt do you have any speculation about what that episode is about.
Probably talking about something in the future.
I think you should have said we will be talking about something in the future. But that’s just me. It’s right speaking of which you can check out my website http://seanferrell.com you can look for my books there find that information and then you can look for the books at Amazon Barnes and noble.
Ah, yeah, well, you’re the writer.
Or any non- mega bookstore your local bookstore or public library Matt how about you? What do you have coming up on your channel.
About the time this episode’s coming out. Um I probably have on my main channel icid with Matt Ferrell an episode on small modular reactors and micro nuclear reactors things that you’d probably take to Mars as we colonize other planets somewhat star trek related.
Assuming assuming we can get that far. We’ll see no spoilers. Thank you so much to everybody for supporting the show by listening to us and don’t forget you can support us even more by reviewing us on Apple Podcasts Google Podcast Spotify
Yes, yes.
Wherever it is that you found this episode that includes Youtube and if you’d like to more directly support us. You can go to trek in time show and click the become a supporter button there that allows you to throw some coins at us and we appreciate the support no matter what kind of support it is thank you so much for listening everybody. And we’ll talk to you next time.

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