57: The Shipment – Star Trek Enterprise Season 3, Episode 7

Matt and Sean talk about being able to recognize the enemy instead of the alien. Star Trek does its best when it grapples with weighty ethical issues … does this one pay off? 

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In today’s episode of Trek in time, we’re gonna be talking about recognizing the enemy in a crowd of aliens. That’s right. We’re talking about an enterprise episode, seven of season three, the shipment, this episode aired originally on October 29th, 2003. Welcome everybody to Trek in time where we’re watching every episode of star Trek in chronological order.

And we’re also talking about the context of the world. When the episodes originally aired. So we’re looking at things right now from 2003 because we’re watching season three of enterprise. And who are we? I’m Sean Farrell. I’m a writer. I write some sci-fi. I write some stuff for kids. And with me as my brother, Matt, Matt is the guru and inquisitor behind the YouTube channel undecided with Matt Farrell, which takes a look at emerging tech and its impact on our lives.

Matt, how are you doing?

I’m doing pretty well. How about

yourself? I’m doing okay. I’m hoping to be able to get outside and enjoy some sunshine and fresh air before the weekend ends. Me too, to our listeners and our viewers. You check these out when they drop on Friday, but we record them on Sundays.


time travel as usual. We like to start off by sharing some comments from our previous episodes. So, Matt, do you have some comments from previous episodes for us? I sure

do, uh, from the episode impulse, I have one from Pelgo 69. This should have been episode two of the season. Imagine the tension, it would’ve added to the other episodes, especially the ones dealing with Trium.

And just a reminder, this is the crazy Vulcans who’ve been contaminated by Trium D yeah, it was also funny to consider how an insane violent Vulcan crew is still a bunch of quiet introverts where a human ship would be hollering and screeching .

I also do I, I agree the, the redirection of the episode order would also make sense within the context of what they knew going in, which was, if you go into the expanse, this is what we know happens.

The Vulcans share or recording from that ship, which is the ship that went in the look for the missing ship came back and everybody was outta their. Yep. So it would make sense that the Vulcan ship that they were looking for might not have made it too deep into the expand so that I think would’ve been an interesting location for them to like earlier on, as, as ghost is pointing out.

I think that does make a lot of sense. I like that.

And they could have discovered what made them crazy. There’s this strange new thing that we don’t know what this is. And it looks like it’s, it’s made them go nuts. Yeah. And then later they discover Trium they’re like, oh, this is the stuff that yeah. Made the Vulcans nuts.

So it’s like, they could just reverse things and made it work. Yeah. The other comment. I wanted two other comments. Uh, one from Karen Colette. One thing I was confused by was how easily Archer was able to physically restrain to Paul Vulcans are generally portrayed as stronger than humans memory. Alpha says three times, uh, saying it in saying it’s the effects of the Trium seems weak given how the other Vulcans seem to be physically strong.

Mm-hmm taking multiple stunt shots to incapacitate them. I agree with this completely. It was clearly artistic license that were taking there. Yeah. It didn’t make logical sense how it’s like, how would it make them like these zombies you can’t take down and her make her this little weakling. It, it didn’t make any sense.

Um, the last comment was from Ebos. Congratulations on the publication, Sean adventure stories always sound like fun in my ears. Good episode, by the way, have a good one. Guys just wanted to bring this up as Sean. Made a big announcement about he has a new book coming out in a year. Mm-hmm it’s a

year from now.

Yeah, it’ll be a year from now. It’s called the sinister secrets of singe. And I will be, uh, sharing more information as we get closer to pub date, including things like cover and stuff like that. But yeah, it’s, it’s a family friendly adventure story and I hope people will check it out when it comes out, but we don’t have time for that right now.

Noise. Yep. It’s a read alert that can only mean one thing that it’s time for you to read the Wikipedia description for this episode.

Okay. Get ready for some redundant. Say I’m assuming the shipment is the 59th episode of the American science fiction television series star Trek enterprise. The seventh episode of season three.

It first aired on October 29th, 2003 on the UPN network in the United States. The episode was written by Chris black and Brent V Friedman. It was directed by David S. did I say that? Right? Straighten mm-hmm his sixth episode of the series at this point set in the 22nd century, the series follows the adventures of the first star fleet Starship, enterprise registration, NX.

Oh one. In this episode, the crew follow a trail of information to a mining complex, which is producing a compound used in the construction of a Xindi weapon by chief engineer, Charles trip, Tucker counter trier makes a discovery about the Xindi side arms. Okay

there, you have it. there’s your summary. Yeah. As Matt mentioned, this is episode seven of season three, and it includes a number of guest actors, which include John Catherine Jr.

As Guralic Dur Randy Osby, as degra Steven Culp as major hay. John Edins as Xindi reptilian. And then my favorite character names in all of star Trek, Jack AltEd as sloth number two, and Sam Whitworth as sloth. Number three . I would like to point out that John Catherine Jr. he is a character actor. You’ve seen him in a number of different shows.

He’s been in some sci-fi. And I think he does a really great job in this episode, which to me feels a bit like pretty straightforward Trek of. Understanding that sometimes the one you think might be your enemy is not truly your enemy mixed with, I just kept getting whiffs of planet of the apes. Yes. It was like just, I had that in my notes, the makeup and the way that the, the portrayal of the characters.

Portraying the Xindi as made up of five different species that all evolved along different lines until there were multiple Senti species on their planet and that they refer to each other in ways that reflect what we as human viewers anticipate from those given animals. So mm-hmm there is the. The reptilians seem aggressive and cold-blooded, and there’s reference in this one to a sixth species that is largely gone now, which is the avian, which would be bird creatures.

And the S sloth creatures in are slow. They’re a little slow and methodical, but the reptilian reveals that he’s not quite on board with the pace at which they work. Yeah. So it’s almost like. Jokes within jokes that are not delivered as jokes. It’s just part of the flavor of this group of, of aliens that are all Xindi but they’re not all one type.

And. I found myself, especially with the main scientist, which is garlic. I just kept going back to, I’m getting Dr. Z’s vibes really, really strongly here. This, yes, this guy is just he’s. He is a scientist. He’s taking a methodical approach and he’s taking an approach, which as he realizes his role in the bigger picture, he doesn’t like what he sees and mm-hmm and it was a real, um, if you’ll forgive the, the term, a humanizing of the Xindi in this one where it’s, it’s an opportunity for the enterprise crew, we’re about a quarter of the way through the season.

We’re beginning to see Archer’s understanding of their mission is evolving. He’s beginning to question. Okay, what exactly are we going to do about Xindi when we meet Xindi who say, what do you mean? We’re trying to kill humans. I’m not doing that. And there is clearly the nefarious plot at work. We see the prime movers of.

Desire to construct the weapon. They are gathering materials from this mining colony, but the mining colony itself is made up of people who don’t have any idea that their material, that they’re mining is being used to build a bomb. Overall. Matt, what did you think about this episode? It was.

I liked it.

Mm-hmm I definitely liked it better than the last episode we talked about. I, it was so fun adventure tale, and it, it, it gave me very strong planet of the apes vibes part. It was partly from the makeup and the way that the actors were doing that kind of slothful walk. It was like it came across as very planet.

The apes to me, sometimes not in a good way. in general. I did like how it was, as you pointed out how it was humanizing, the Xindi mm-hmm so it’s like, there was, I, I like it at the end of the day. I did like

this episode. So what was the world like when this episode landed? Well, Matt, you were no longer shaking your tail feather.

That’s the good news. The bad news is you were now dancing to hear without you by three doors down end of the movie theater, scary movie three made 48 million. I’m gonna let that sink in. That’s right. Scary movie three opened with 48 million scary movie three broke red dragons record for the highest weekend debut in October, as well as for any fall re release.

And broke Laura Croft tomb Raiders record for highest weekend interview for a film featuring a female protagonist. And of course the scary Mo movie franchise is part of the parody, film franchise that parody, humor sci-fi and mystery genres. It’s the sequel. I don’t need you to say this to scary movie two, which it was itself was equal to scary movie one and it had the tagline trilogies come in three.

The film stars, Anna Faris and Regina hall reprising their rules from the previous films. And it was the first film not to feature the Wayne’s brothers, Marlin and Sean. This movie is currently streaming on HBO. If anybody wanted to check it out and on television, what was enterprise up against? Well, it’s becoming a common refrain.

It struggled against the competition, which included my wife and kids. And it’s all relative on ABC 60 minutes, two on CBS foxes, that 70 show and a minute with Stan hopper Hooper a minute with Stan Hooper, I tripped over the name of that show because up until this moment, I did not know this show existed.

there was also ed on NBC and on WB small. Was getting 6.7 million. And behind that, this episode of star Trek enterprise at 3.7 and then the news, what was going on at this time, October 29th, 2003, while the Bush administration, which had boldly declared mission accomplished in triumphing in the Iraq war months earlier was now stepping back from the literal mission, accomplished banner.

That so famously was behind Bush when he visited a Navy vessel, the triumphal mission accomplished banner was the pride of the white house, advanced team. The image makers who set the stage for the president’s closeups on may one on a golden Pacific evening aboard the carrier, Abraham Lincoln. They made sure the banner was perfectly captured in the camera shots of president Bush’s speech declaring major combat in Iraq at an end.

But on Tuesday in the rose garden, Mr. Mr. Bush, publicly disavowed, the banner that had come to symbolize what his critic said was a premature declaration that the United States had prevailed. The mission accomplished sign of course, was put up by members of the USS Abraham Lincoln saying that their mission was accomplished.

Mr. Bush told reporters. I know it was attributed somehow to some ingenious advanced man from my staff. They weren’t that ingenious by the way. And the article would go on to explain that the Bush team was never responsible, that the suggestion came from the USS Abraham Lincolns crew and that they made the banner happen, but that the crew put it up.

And at the time general Wesley Clark, who was beginning to run for president and would try to run for the democratic nomination in 2004. Was quoted in the article as saying it was disingenuous for the Bush administration to be laying the banner on the sailors, on the ship instead of taking responsibility for it.

I thought that that news story captured an ongoing evolution in. Us understanding and world understanding of the Iraq mission, what was going on in Iraq and who the enemy is and was kind of born out in this episode. As we see, I agree the evolution of Archer’s approach to the Xindi I think that the elements of the plot, we can take two approaches and maybe you’ll agree, or maybe you’ll disagree.

Matt. There is the overall story. Archer’s experience and meeting this mining colony head, who’s responsible for mining chemo site, which is used for development of the Indy weapon. Archer begins to question like we’ve been putting all the Xindi in one basket, but clearly we can’t treat them all the same.

And what do we do with a mining colony when they now know we’re. and we wanna stop their production, but do we blow up a site of people who are arguably innocent of a crime mm-hmm and there’s there’s that, and then there’s the nuts and bolts of what the people do within the show. yeah. And I don’t know if you’re like me, my approach to this episode regarding the first angle that I described.

I really liked this episode. It felt, I see where you’re going with this. It felt a classic Trek. We’ve got a mission we’re coming in. We’re showing up, we’re finding out something that we didn’t understand before we’re leaving with maybe even a friendship or an understanding that didn’t exist before. And we don’t carry ourselves at the end of the episode, the way we carried ourselves at the beginning, there’s some of the nuts and bolts of what happens within the episode though, that left me really kind of scratching my head as to.

Why was that the choice? They do some things with their own technology. They use the transporters. Finally, for some purposes within this one, they usually avoid the transporters. They use the transporters, but they don’t use them consistently. Yeah. In a way that would’ve made a lot of sense. Yep. And. I found myself really confused by the very end of the episode, which revolved around captain Archer, running across a tarmac, any cover.

Oh yeah. So that he could physically exchange a jar of chemo site that’s been altered so they can track it with a jar of chemo site. That’s unaltered. Okay. okay. So

let me, okay. I agree with you. We should separate this into two conversations. We could, we could attack the. Crappy stuff first, so we could attack the, what they do.

Yeah. The decision making in this episode makes no sense. But at the same time, that’s kind of track it’s like, why would absolutely on this mission, the captain would never got on this mission. It’s like the captain does so many stuff. Just so many missions in this entire series that don’t make sense.

Yeah. You would not send your bridge crew on so many missions. You wouldn’t it’s like that was ridiculousness from the original series because yeah, it was the sixties and that’s what they were doing. Sure. Doesn’t mean you have to continue that through every series. And that’s one of the things I loved about next generation.

The car did not go on most of the missions cuz he was the captain and he stayed on the bridge. Yeah. that’s what a captain does. He sends his, the people that report to him to do the work. So he would’ve. Nothing but Marines. So I, I, I even had a problem with Reed being there. It’s like, I thought this would’ve been in the perfect episode where he descends the Marines and maybe Reid’s commanding a couple of the Marines and he’s doing, he’s basically over the coms telling them what to do.

Mm-hmm and having this internal debate. But of course, it’s star Trek. You can’t do that. You have to have Baula down on the planet, having these interactions for himself. whatever it, it it’s like I could see them having the Marines go down there, do all this stuff. They, they capture this scientist and then he beams down and does a one-on-one like interrogation of the man.

They could have done that way. Mm-hmm but the fact that he was the linchpin of all of it, especially for that end sequence where he’s running across the tarmac, I’m like you have. A trained Marine who’s this is what he does. Yeah. you were not trained as a Marine. What are you doing? It’s like, you’d send the guy, who’s a military man to pull off this espionage kind of level stuff.

Yeah, it was, it was bananas. And then the second thing I had problem was was why did they go in the forest? Why did you grab this guy and go running off into the forest? It’s like that entire sequence in the forest, the whole decision making behind going that way was like in a horror movie when they’re.

What’s that sound from the basement. Let’s go into this creepy basement. Yeah. It’s like, you wouldn’t do that. You wouldn’t do that. Irrational person would not make the decision you’re making right now. And so there were a couple of points in, in this episode that made me just go, okay, let it wash over you.

Yeah. Just let that bad decision making go wash over you. That’s not the point of the episode. Yeah. Just, just go with it. Yeah. I ended up, I, I, I, yeah,

I agree with, I agree with you. I agree with you a lot in your, your summation of the, the context of getting into the forest. Here’s how much of a leap that was?

I don’t know what happened to me that I might have looked down for a moment. But they were suddenly in the forest and I had no idea why. Yes, it was as if I had no idea what a scene was missing. I had to back up. Yeah. As if a scene was missing, I back up and we

washed it. Yeah. Yeah. I was like, no, I didn’t miss anything.

Yeah. They’re just running into

the forest. Now. They just decided they’re gonna run into the forest with this guy and it becomes, then they’re being hunted. And, and as you said, I think. Overall. I think what’s interesting about this episode is as a whole, I think it is strong enough that in the moment I was willing to forgive as I was just like, oh, well, here’s a case where the transporters would’ve fixed thing.

The, the captain, as you mentioned, you’ve got a Marine. The Marine should be the guy who takes that canister to run, aboard the ship, to plant it in the, the ship. Here’s my problem. They’ve already demonstrated that you’ve used the transporter once to beam the chemo site from the planet up to the ship. Why couldn’t they beam the chemo site from the enterprise back onto the enemy ship.

They have zero reason for not being able to do that. Somehow they can beam that down to the captain. Who can then run aboard the ship, but you’re telling me that they don’t have the ability to replace a canister.

You could very easily, but Sean is like, it’s not on the text of the script. Yes. So this is just me like saying you could have easily explained it away by saying there’s shielding on the ship.

They can’t beam in there. So somebody has to physically go aboard the ship. It’s like they could have very easily yeah. Made the explanation. Why, why somebody has to physically do it. They could have very easily done that, but they didn’t, it wasn’t in the text of the script. So it leaves you going. Why aren’t these, the teleporter why couldn’t they just teleport em, close to the ship?

Yeah. Like, you know what I mean? Like, let me teleport you behind this pole by the ship, and then you can just run and then really quick and do it. Right.

I also wondered there was a reason why they couldn’t have given it to garlic and then garlic go in and exchange. Yep. Little things like that, but in the moment, like I said, ultimately I understood the point of this is them coming to terms with, we don’t know as much about these people as we thought.

Yes. And I thought for me, one of the nicest scenes was garlic describing the sixth and now gone member of the ZDI family. Yes, the Avians and him saying wistfully. My grandfather told me that there was a place where the Avians filled the skies. And as he is describing this, both he and Scott Bula, the acting that is going on there, both of them are conveying such a sense of wonder at the idea of an intelligent flying species.

That would fill the skies like a, a effectively your society. Your civilization is flying above you and a mourn. I got a sense of mourning in both of them yep. Of there’s this thing that did exist. And then something happened. And the fact that they reveal finally, what happened to the ZDI home world is part of the tragedy of that, that garlic describes.

A relationship between the five remaining species as one that is, I mean, fragile at best. It’s the responsibility for the destruction of the planet is described as being the result of the insectoid and the reptilians intentionally planting charges. On the weakest tectonic points of the planet and not understanding what the ramifications of that might be.

They blew up their own planet. And so here we have a, the introduction of the ZDI. They’re flying into the expanse, an unknown place. They meet the ZDI and they begin to be told stories of, yeah, we were all these different cultures on one world and we couldn’t figure out how to get along. And we ended up destroying our own planet as a result.

And boy, can you see 2003 in the storytelling? This is yeah. Where Matt and I have been heading. During all the previous episodes where we were saying season three, a lot of stuff starts to come together and it starts to come together in a way that really speaks at the era that the show was built in. For me, this is an episode that absolutely reeks of it was made years after September 11th, it was made post the invasion of Iraq and Afghanistan.

And it was really looking at what was happening in the current context and saying. Is this all manageable? Are we doing things that make sense? And it has your main protagonist of the show. Archer standing, looking at the people that he’s meeting and beginning to say, I can’t paint with a broad brush. I can’t destroy a mining facility when these people are not only not even aware of the weapon that was being built.

These are people who have no other place to go. This is their only livelihood. This is their, this is their only society at this point. So beginning to measure everything within its own relative scenario, as opposed to I have an enemy, I have to go destroy that evolution, I think was part of. The public debate that was going on in 2003, around Iraq, around Afghanistan, around nine 11, it would head full on into, in, in the us.

It would head full on into the presidential elections the following year. But this episode for me, really puts all that really on stark display. This, this is part of.

This is part of what I love about star Trek. To me, what makes the best star Trek is when they’re grappling with weighty ethical issues, uh, questions about morality, what the right thing to do with the wrong thing to do is how you struggle with it.

Those are the things that work the best in star Trek. Like one of my favorite episodes of next generation I’ve brought this up before is the, there are four lights. It’s like, I love that episode. It’s like perfection to me. It’s like just two guys acting their hearts out in a room and it is gripping television.

And it’s just incredible. Yeah. So it’s like, there are, this doesn’t achieve that level, but this is part of the reason why those bad decision making elements of the story don’t matter to me. Mm-hmm because the high level point of the. Does hold together and it, it does have a message and it does have a clear through line and yeah, they took some bad shortcuts in trying to move the plot along, but the, the theme holds together.

Yeah. And one of the big aspects of those is the two guys in a room, acting their hearts out the scenes between the captain and the scientist in the, his house mm-hmm and in the CA in the CA. Are the best scenes in the show. Yeah. In my opinion, in this, in this episode, it’s great dialogue. And you can, over the course of the episode, I love the evolution of the captain’s point on this, the beginning of the episode he is going in there to kick ass.

Yeah. You know,

know we finally got, we’ve finally got bubble gum. He’s like we finally have some hard information. Correct. And there’s one of the things I really, really liked. The setup of that was Reed congratulates Archer. Yes, they are on the, he feels like we came in here with nothing and you have found us away.

Mission accomplished getting here a banner accomplished it is, it is that moment. And it is very much a re is expecting to go in and like, we’re gonna kick some butt right now. We’re gonna start taking names.

Both of his guys. Both of his guys, the Marine and Reed at different times during the episode are like, okay, let’s blow this shit up.

Yeah. And then he captain’s like, uh, hold on that. And then later he’s like, I’m not gonna do that. And they’re saying, we think this is a mistake and they’re pushing him on this. Because they came out here to kick ass and take games. Right. And here’s the captain starting to doubt the point of the mission.

Yeah. Realizing this is more nuanced than he realized it was. And so he’s grappling with this ethical dilemma and he makes the choice, which of course is star Trek. Fans were like, it’s the right choice. Yeah. It’s like, he’s, he’s looking big picture that this is more complicated than I thought we can’t, you know, kill these people that are innocent.

That’s gonna make us the enemy that they fear of us. Yeah. And it’s, I thought that was a beautiful. Evolution of him over the episode. I also thought it was a beautiful evolution of the scientist over the episode of being like, I loved how sarcastic he was. Yeah. Of like the entire time of just like, oh, oh, I thought you forgot about me when he comes back into the room and just, it was, but it was great to see his empathy towards the humans grow.

Yeah. But there was one thing I thought in that storyline, I thought could have been strengthened and it was why the scientist had that turning point of. Why he was gonna help basically betray his own species to help the humans. Yeah. I don’t think it was strong enough. No. Um, and in the story, when he was talking about the Avians, I thought they could have worked it in there because the, the, the element of melancholy and sadness and regret of.

His species being part of the destruction of its own world was there. Yeah. But it was, it needed to be a little more pointed and it could have been something along the lines of cuz he talked about his grandfather lived on the planet. Yeah. And his grandfather told him these stories and he could have said something as simple as like my grandfather always told me about the folly of how badly we handled the situation.

Yeah. And it was so he could have, he could have basically basically been pointing. He was raised by his grandfather and his father to recognize that what they did was exactly what the humans were trying to fight back against. Right? Like they could have created that connection between his grandfather and what, uh, the captain meant to him in that exact moment, what, and that would’ve explained why he flipped and what I would’ve,

uh, to build on what you just said.

His description of my grandfather told me that there was a, a time when the guy was filled with the Avians. Yeah. And, but then the reptilians and the execs planted those bombs and changed everything. If Archer in that moment then responded with a, and now they’re trying to do the same to my planet. Yep.

And then you have. The scientist, the flip say, my grandfather always told me that it was from folly and then you have a very hard ground for that change to take place in. I agree with you. It felt a little as abrupt as, Hey, let’s go to the woods and yeah. And there needed to be a little bit of a smoothing of some of those edge.

but overall, um, you know, even, I mean, even with Archer saying, like, I’m gonna take this canister, I’m gonna run aboard their ship. There’s the very. Odd depiction of, of garlic having to like he’s practically breaking into song and dance to distract. look at me to distract. And the reptilian is like, and he is like, hello, my honey, hold on my darling.

And he is just like, look at me, look at me. Have you, have you, have you ever seen this trick? I’ll pull my thumb off. And, and meanwhile, we get a CGI Archer running across the tarmac. Yes. In a very strange animated sequence that just felt like. Okay. That’s not working, but I know what you’re going for here.

They’re working as a team, they’ve come to support each other. And they’re both looking for the same goal, which is let’s figure out a non-aggressive non-destructive way to put a stop to these nefarious plans. And we end to me, it was again, though, a bit of a sad trombone because the episode ends with, oh, the ship went to a special portal and went through it and we lost track.

But the scientist does say no, but the scientist tells them something. They didn’t know. Yeah. It only has a range of a couple lightly. Right. So they’re not that far away. Right. You can still find them. Right. So that’s the first, so it was a little tiny rear of sunshine. Yeah. But it was like, it still was a Santa trombone of like, wait, what?

All of that. I had to

watch a CGI Archer run across a tarmac so that you could tell me that the mayonnaise he put on there, chip didn’t even amount to squat. I’m sorry, what . But overall. I thought it was a good episode. I liked, I liked the, the acting. I liked the, the, the setup of here, you have this loft people, and they’re just trying to mine that, or they’re just like, we’ve got this stuff.


just walking around doing their job. They’re just

doing their job. Like we gotta sell this stuff. And, and it’s what we do. And I, and I liked the experience of the connection between Relic and, and Archer.

Did you, did you notice it was the first, it was the first shot. When they look out into the fact they’re like in that office and they’re looking through the window into the factory and you see all the stuff going on, my eyes immediately focused on the people that were walking around.

I don’t know if you notice there was one of the characters that was like walking. I don’t know if it was animated or if it was actual film people that they were superimposing in. Mm. He was walking, like he had a load in his pants. Oh


he was, his arms were kind of bowed and his legs were kind of bowed.

He was just kind of like, it was like, okay, you’re trying to make him walk like a sloth or something like kind of slow and kind of wide gate, but none of the other ones were right. And so it made it look like

he’s got a lone, his pants he’s just had an accident in space. Yeah. So everybody was listening.

What do you think about this episode? Do you agree that it was a little bit of a mixed bag, but overall it felt like Trek or do you disagree with us? And you love seeing Archer run across the tarmac. You love the action sequences of the captain being in danger and on the planet. Let us know. You can reach out through the contact information in the podcast description, or you can on YouTube scroll beneath this video and leave your comments.

And next time we’re gonna be talking about Twilight, Matt, any predictions? What do you think twilight’s about? It’s gonna be an episode about the sun setting. Hmm. I think it’s gonna be about vampires


sparkly. Diamonds, diamonds, sparkly vampires in space. Yes. Before we go, Matt, is there anything you’d like to remind our listeners about that you have coming up?

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There’s some really cool stuff that may be covering in the next coming

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And out, out of time, we talk about track or star wars or Marvel or whatever it is we’re enjoying. We do it context free. We do it just in whatever order and whatever way we want to. And we just enjoy talking about the shows and movies that most. All of that really does help support the show. Thank you so much for listening or watching and we’ll see you next time.

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